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The Music Cafe, 1st june 2020

Today a brand new edition of The Music Cafe on Cygnus Radio (www.cygnusradio.com). You can expect music from Christopher J Wray, Yoru, Designer Thumbs, Andy van Duyne, Malo, Kalax and many more. The Music Cafe contains mainly independent electronic/synthesizer music. The Music Cafe starts at 02:00 pm EDT (20:00 CEST, 07:00 pm UK, 06:00 pm […]

The mystery of Jarup

In 2005 I was challenged by some friends to write a story or book, because at the time they thought I had too much imagination. I wrote something and I came to 14 pages, and then I stopped. Now 15 years later it came up again in March, I took the documents from the backup […]

The Music Cafe will return

The story behind the Music Cafe; for that I have to go back in time to march 2005. Sofar as I remember the idea of The Music Cafe started in irc channel #jmj on IRCNet, I started with the radio show on Ampcast Radio, but they stopped a year later, and The Music Cafe was […]

A new start

Here it is, a new start of the site, I will write about anything and everything, about topics that I am interested in. I cannot guarantee that it will be a top site, nor that everything will be interesting for everyone. Not everything is ready yet, such as “About me”, that will come in the […]